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Report FICC Jury at the MDOC – Melgaço International Documentary Film Festival, 2019

FICC Jury: 

Mónica Ferreira – Portugal

Konrad Domaszewski – Poland

Trond Leirvik Onarheim – Norway

MDOC – Melgaço International Documentary Film Festival

29 july – 4 august 2019/ Melgaço – Portugal

After an intense week dedicated to documentary, with photography exhibitions, artistic residency and a film meeting where several international projects on cinema literacy were presented, the jury had plenty of time to get to know the town and it’s surroundings. Well, for our surprise, the three of us had to choose the winner of the festival before it started. This was strange for us, because we’re expecting to watch the movies on screen instead.

In a small village, with little to visit, the festival organizers gave the community a strong impetus by creating events in different venues giving opportunity to all guests / participants passing through Melgaço for the first time to gain a fresh look at the venue and feel at home with the community.

These activities took place mainly during the day and early evening, leaving an “empty space” at the end of the night, where all the people involved in the festival could meet and exchange contacts. A networking venue / event, as the event is international, would be a point to consider and bet on in the future.

As a jury, who had to see all the films before the festival, I found this way to find the winner very unfair. There was more the one good choices and the jury could only find the time to discuss all of those issues during the festival. We were expecting to have a more careful discussion and appreciation about the films. It was not possible to reevaluate the choice, nor to give an honorable mention, which made us disillusioned.

However, the warmth and courage of a small team to hold a festival with so many activities and demanding production deserves all the merit.

Don Quixote Award

By The Name Of Tania

directed by Mary Jimenez, Bénédict Liénard, 2019 | 85′ | Belgium


The Don Quijote Award went to a film which allows several layers of interpretation through memories and emotions. The film leads the spectator into a journey that follows the main character, inducing us into a state of hypnosis and astonishment, like sleepwalkers. Through a poetic and its aesthetics, it suggests more than it reveals, and progressively, guides the spectator into the character’s world.


Mónica Ferreira, Portugal

Federaçao Portugues de Cineclubes

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