Informative plattform of International Federation of Film Societies- Féderation Internationalle des Ciné-clubs- Federación Internacional de Cine Clubes

Call for nominations, Online FICC-jury at Etiuda & Anima

Date festival: Nov 16-21, 2021 Deadline for nominations: October 28. 28th International Film Festival Etiuda&AnimaKraków, Poland – ONLINE edition – Nov 16-21, 2021  Jury will watch all films selected for the … Continue reading

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Call for nominations for the FICC-jury at the 2021 edition of Caminhos do Cinema Portugues, Coimbra, Portugal

Festival dates: November 5 – 20, 2021 (Jury: November 12-21).Deadline for nominations: October 24, 2021. The jury will watch the Caminhos section, and award the Don Quijote prize to a film … Continue reading

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Official Nominations for FICC Jury at L’Alternativa Film Festival 2021

15 – 28 Nov. Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain. INTERNATIONAL FEDERATION OF FILM SOCIETIES FICC JURIES 2021 Dear Friends and Colleagues, Serve this to let you know the Official Nominations for the FICC Jury at  L’Alternativa Film … Continue reading

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The International Federation of Film Societies (FICC/ IFFS), an organization of defense and development of cinema as a cultural medium, present in 75 countries, the association is the more appropriate … Continue reading

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Call for nominations: FICC-jury at L`Alternativa Film Festival, November 16-21, 2021

Dear friends,Please find below the call for nominations for the FICC-jury at the 2021 edition of L`Alternativa Film Festival, Barcelona, Spain (Catalonia).Festival dates: November 16 – 21, 2021Deadline for nominations: September 30, 2021.Web site: reading

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Jury report Avanca Film Festival and MDOC – Portugal 2021

AVANCA FILM FESTIVAL 2021 It was my third time in Portugal and also third time on film festiwal in Portugal as a FICC jury member. As a matter of fact … Continue reading

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Statement of the IFFS/FICC on the Afghanistan situation

The IFFS/FICC – International Federation of Film Societies, is one active member of the international community with members around the world sharing values of democracy, freedom of expression and the … Continue reading

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Se presenta en el Museo de la Ciudad de México el jueves 11 de agosto de 2021 a las 18 hrs, y podrá seguirse en vivo por el canal de … Continue reading

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The tragic situation of Brazilian Cinémathèque was denounced by the International Federation of Film Societies (FICC/IFFS) on several occasions, both public and private. As time went by we knew that … Continue reading

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