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JURY REPORT: L’Alternativa, Festival de Cinema Independent de Barcelona 2019

The 26th edition of the L’Alternativa, Festival de Cinema Independent de Barcelona has been celebrated during the 11th and the 17th of November 2019 in Barcelona, taking place on the CCCB (Contemporary Center of  Culture from Barcelona) but also on other spaces in the city as the Catalan Filmotheque and the Zumzeig cinema. L’Alternativa is a festival that shows independent cinema with a reflexive an author vision, without forgetting the quality and diversity of the images. In its program we could enjoy images with different textures, formats and origins, from the grain of the 16mm film of Bait until the records from the surveillance cameras from La Mer du Milieu. L’Alternativa gives the opportunity to see high quality and interest films that, unfortunately, will have a hard distributions once their end their festivals path.

In this year’s edition the members who conformed the jury of the Quijote prize from the IFFS were:

Ute Mader, from Germany, director of the Comunal Cinema and the department of languages on the Leverskusen University.

L’Anil Kumar Jain, from India, regional secretary of the Federation of Film Societies in India and president of the Tasveer Film Society.

And myself, Anna Lati, in representation of the Catalan Federation of Film Societies, member of the Cineclub del Diable in Martorell.

The three juries have seen all the films in the international feature films category, notably assisted by the festival’s organization, especially from Pere Sastre, also from the IFFS with Pablo Sancho París.


The jury decided to give the Quijote prize to Swarm Season, from Sarah J. Christman. Because of its filmic language that moves between fiction and documentary and for its interesting story in the Hawaii island where a mother and a daughter work with bees, meanwhile some scientist prepare to live in Mars and a volcano shows its activity underwater. The film creates a tension between the microscopic and the macroscopic, suggesting some existentialists’ questions of the human being.



The jury of the Quijote prize also decided to give a special mention to Zumiriki, from Oskar Alegria. This Basque Thoreau it’s been able to make a film only with a cabin, a childhood’s landscape and his creativity. In front of his cameras (tied to the trees) we can see the nocturnal wildlife, while he, using his own body, with his drawings or with is words, proposes some kind of games to explain us the nostalgia and the resistance of the few people who remains living in the Basque mountains. A film full of inventiveness and honesty that has been fun and captivating.








The jury of the official selection of international feature films, conformed by Pablo Martínez, Carles Matamoros Balasch and Diana Toucedo, gave the prize for the best international feature film to Nos défaites, de Jean-Gabriel Périot, whom the festival had also dedicated a retrospective. Nos défaites explores the tragedy of the depoliticization of the young people reinterpreting scenes from filmmakers as Godard, Chris Marker or Alain Tanner. The interviews to the young ones turned to actors and filmmakers shows the poor understanding of the fragments that themselves are playing. Finally, Périot finds a glimmer of hope when, months after, the students decide to block the high school to protest against the disproportionality exercised by the police and the direction of the high school against some colleagues who made graffiti claims.


We hope that next year we can continue enjoying the stimulating approach of the l’Alternativa festival and that the Quijote prize remains to promote the cultural and cinematographic exchange between the societies of cinema around the world.

Anna Lati

Cineclub del Diable in Martorell, Catalan Federation of Film Societies

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