Informative plattform of International Federation of Film Societies- Féderation Internationalle des Ciné-clubs- Federación Internacional de Cine Clubes

General Assembly-Asamblea General-Assemblée GénéraleGranollers, Barcelona, 2022

Dear members of International Federation of Film Societies At the Executive Committee of the International Federation of Film Societies, we hope you are doing well in this phase of new … Continue reading

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Support for the ecuadorian people

Asunto: respaldo al pueblo ecuatoriano/ Subject: support for the ecuadorian people/ 20th june 2022 To the public opinion In view of the unfortunate events that occurred in Quito on June … Continue reading

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Avanca Film festival, FICC Jury 2022

INTERNATIONAL FEDERATION OF FILM SOCIETIESFICC JURIES 2022 Dear Friends and Colleagues, Serve this to let you know the Official Nominations for FICC Jury at Avanca Film Festival, 27-31 July 2022, … Continue reading

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Call for nominations, online FICC-jury at Krakòw Int. Film Festival

Dear Friends and Colleagues, We kindly ask you to inform all your member film societies and non profit cinemas about this offer at your earliest convenience. FICC Jury at the: … Continue reading

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Call for nominations: FICC-jury 26th Avanca Film Festival, July 27-31, 2022, Portugal

INTERNATIONAL FEDERATION OF FILM SOCIETIES IFFS Dear Friends and Colleagues,Hope this message finds you well and safe. Please find below the call for nominations for the FICC Jury at the 26th Avanca Film … Continue reading

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Report IFFS Jury, Don Quijote Award at TIFF 2022 January, 17th to 23rd 2022, Latitude: 69° 38′ 56.04″ NConsidered to be the northernmost city in the world with a population above 50,000, Tromsø held one important film festival … Continue reading

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Don Quixote Award for Best feature Film in NIFF

Dear, we hope you are all doing well. We wanted to inform you regarding the final awards announced yesterday’s at NIFF 2022’s closing event. Please find the details below, and … Continue reading

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Obituary: Janine Bertrand (1928-2021) France

Janine Bertrand, a prominent French cultural manager died on October 18th, 2021. She was part of a constellation of French cinema at the IDHEC (now La Fémis) along with her … Continue reading

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#8M Women in struggle/ Mujeres en lucha/ Femmes en lutte

Around the world, women’s struggles for the rights of their body, happiness, life and culture are transforming the order that has perpetuated inequalities and violence. Cinema is a window to … Continue reading

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