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Notes from the International Film Festival of Fribourg

Fribourg 2014- photo Karl Rössel-As a member of one of the oldest film-societies in Portugal, and, consequently, being aware of the difficulties the independent cinema scene goes through, it’s with great joy that I took part in the International Film Festival of Fribourg and that I, now, report the great job done by the whole team of the Festival in the name of true cinema, as a form of art, for an enriching exchange between not only filmmakers, but film lovers in general. In Fribourg, one can really feel a nice exciting environment, where you have the chance to meet and talk to people who actually play a role in the maintenance of hope for non-commercial cinema and all those who make a stand for it.

So, having an excellent and ambitious selection, the FIFF still keeps some familiar feature, proven by the unflagging attention of the whole hospitality team, always willing to help and make our stay even more comfortable. I dare to say the FIFF has the perfect dimension, as it can be absolutely serious and professional, and, at the same time, cozy and maybe even innocent in the passionate way it approaches and offers cinema.

This festival has everything to do with the film-societies’ spirit, whereby it makes total sense for our International Federation to be represented there. Our jury felt a good internal connection, and tried to make a decision that met the aims of any film-society, as express in the Chart of Tabor of the Rights of the Public.

Concluding, it was certainly a great experience at all levels – as to the possibility of improvement of relationships and cooperation between film-societies, or the opportunity to get an extended view of actual production worldwide, and, of course, to be part of this fantastic community rowing in the same (cinephile) direction.

Margarida Assis

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