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krakowWith one member of the jury who could only speak French, one who could only speak English and one Polish speaker who was also fluent in English this was truly an international jury! Thankfully the Festival organisers were able to provide a person fluent in French, English and Polish and my thanks to Marta all her wonderful help. The debate was challenging enough as we had seen 35 short films, many of them worthy of an award and we had to whittle these down to the one winner and one special mention. The eventual winner of the Don Quixote was a Polish film, Killing Auntie. This film also won the Audience Award so we were in great company! A Special Mention was made to The Swing of the Coffin-Maker – this was the selection of the main Jury, so, again, we felt very pleased with our decision. Both films showed excellent film-making technique, amazing use of limited resources and stories that were interesting, had great characters and kept your attention. Killing Auntie, to us, had the added advantage of black-humour and some outright comic moments.


Krakow is a city that everyone should visit at least once. The history, art, museums, churches, restaurants and bars are all top class and with the additional attraction of the Etiuda and Anima Film Festival it makes for a special place indeed. The Festival is also blessed with first-rate organisation, generosity and outstanding accommodation. If this event has not yet been on your wish-list then it should be and I for one would love a return visit at some point in the future.

David Miller



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