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Jury report Avanca Film Festival and MDOC – Portugal 2021


It was my third time in Portugal and also third time on film festiwal in Portugal as a FICC jury member. As a matter of fact before I didnt know that in Avanca there is a film festival (international film festival) and I didnt know also that there is such a interesting and charming place call Avanca, I’m really sorry about that, but it is really hard to know all the festivals around the world and all the cities and towns :(.

To get to Avanca first I had to take a plain from Warsaw to Porto, and then train to Avanca, which took me around 47 minutes. I really enjoyed my taime in train, I could see from the window ocean, small stations, nature, orinary people doing their things. In Avanca I felt really good, in good mood probably because of hospitalisty which I got from the crew of the festival. Saying few words about weather, it was nice, sunny, but the wind, oh my god the wind was a little bit demanding…

Anyway I had oportunity to watch not only movies that I had to watch as a jury member but also
a lot of inetersting stuff from around a world, some of them were brilliant and amazing and some of them not so much, but still I enjoy them. Our Jury decided to give Don Kichot Award (which is FICC Award) to Caged Birds (2021) directed by Oliver Rihs. We give it because, as we wrote it in our explenation to the verdict: „(Caged birds) emphasise that there is not just one universal point of view, that each person has his own universe, mosaic of expectations and feelings. That love can be powerfull, complicated and dewastating at the same time”

I came back to Poland happy and sad at the same moment – happy that I could take part in this such an interesting event and meet so much interesting people, sad – because the festival is over. I hope that in the future there will be possiblity to once again be a member of the jury in Avanca :), till that moment I will keep my memories from 25th edition of avanca International Film Festival.

Assina Konrad D.

MDOC, Portugal 2021

As jury member at the Mdoc 2021

My first time in Portugal! In a beautiful landscape, on invitation as a jury member for the Don Quijote Award of the FICC. A super-friendly festival team welcomed me warmly and made everything most pleasant. To meet my colleagues, also from the Jean-Loup Passek award and all the stunning filmmakers was just exciting.

The small town of Melgaco in the mountains close to the Spanish border hosts an international festival that promotes the art of documentary making with an exquisite competition for two awards every year. Moreover, I learned that this festival is just one part of various interdisciplinary activities around an annual theme to get explored by anthropologists and media artists. These programs provide great educational and career opportunities for young researchers and creatives, their final works getting presented with the festival. This year it was all about the village Castro Laboreiro in the nearby national park, which I could visit myself with an excursion. The area’s history is characterized by transhumance and migration, the festival corresponds with its focus theme „Identity – Memory – Border“ and in fact was the selection of films focussing on these issues on an amazingly high international level.

The award ceremony was crowned by the presence of the country’s popular president. In his speech he emphasized on his full support for culture and the arts. It was lovely to see a politician so close to his people – he even shared dinner in the school canteen and took a selfie with the cooks.

My days in Melgaco went by filled with the nicest conversations and inspiring experiences. I deeply hope and wish to be back some other year. I am taking home a loadful of amazing films, the telling photographies of Joao Gigante, many nice memories and a few old Portuguese bowls…

Dagmar Kamlah

August 14, 2021

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