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8th EIAC: Horizons of Film Societies and Education

Through the Latin American group and the Film Education group, with the technical support of the Avanca Film Festival and the live broadcast of Retina Latina, the International Federation of Film Societies gathered in the 8th Ibero-American Meeting of film societies (8 EIAC) 12 countries, through 28 participants, from a variety of projects that have expanded cultural rights and integrated links through film at various educational levels. On July 10th, 17th and 18th, 2021, in distance mode, through the IFCCF-IFFS + Youtube channel and the Retina Latina Facebook page, the 6 tables could be followed live, moderated by members of the Executive Committee 2019-2021. 

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Entering the new century, several dreams have become realities, despite the neoliberal governments that in recent decades, in many countries of the region have been gradually reducing resources to culture, but have not been able to diminish the will of cultural associations. Through film societies, schools, festivals, catalogs, foundations, film schools, municipal theaters, education departments, universities, trusts and film academies that have democratized culture, the public has been able to broaden its horizons and cultivate their views. Against the tide, civil society has been able to resist and organize itself to remedy the lack of public policies and the onslaught of the market.

After an era marked by political and ideological disputes aggravated by economic tensions, and going beyond the universities where it has historically resided, film clubs have nurtured educational fields, with training processes for teachers and students that have changed the axes of education, mixing generations, formats and genres of animation, fiction and documentary films, and producing websites, portals, video channels, publications, records and countless documents.

In countries with no film schools, film clubs have historically been educational spaces for amateurs from which film and audiovisual professionals have emerged. Festivals have also served as meeting points and poles for the interaction of various members of the film production, alternative exhibition and teaching chains. Thus, local processes have had an impact at the national level and today we can feed back perspectives with certainties about the literacy of audiences, the universality of visual language, the richness of sound to imagine narratives, the invaluableness of printed and digital publications, and the importance of schools at all levels to expand cultural expression and diversity.

The Covid19 pandemic has forced to maintain activities at a distance mode, but, after the first months of shock, agendas began to be resumed everywhere and programs, workshops and audiovisual laboratories have continued, with teachers and professors who had established dynamics of attention and collaboration with families, teachers and students of school communities in Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Cuba, Ecuador, Spain, Mexico, Peru, Portugal and Uruguay, among others.

The challenge of the 8th EIAC has been to connect the platforms in a coordination that integrates the planning in different latitudes, to achieve an integration –from time zones– in a collegiate work of participatory curatorship that brings together a community of diversity and experience. During the health contingency that we have been living since 2020 in the world, the maps have changed and the distant has become increasingly familiar, just as the nearer has achieved getting very far through technology. Much remains to be done in the synergies of school, community and film club, but we have methodologies and guides to make the road, a renewal of play, curiosity and discovery.

Gabriel Rodríguez Álvarez, General Secretary

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