Informative plattform of International Federation of Film Societies- Féderation Internationalle des Ciné-clubs- Federación Internacional de Cine Clubes

8th Ibero-American Film Societies Meeting: “School, Community and Film Societies”

The International Federation of Film Societies (FICC/IFFS), through the Latin American Group and the Cine Educación Group are organizing the 8th Ibero-American Film Societies Meeting with the theme “School, Community and Film Societies”, with the participation of representatives from Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Colombia, Cuba, Chile, Ecuador, Spain, Mexico, Peru, Portugal and Uruguay. It will be held on July 10th, 17th and 18th, 2021 through live broadcasts. Sessions will begin at 16 hrs. Portugal/ 17 hrs. Spain/ 12:00 hrs. Argentina-Brazil-Uruguay/ 11:00 Cuba- Bolivia and 10 hrs. Ec/Col/Méx and can be followed on the Youtube channel FICC-IFFS + . It will be broadcasted by Retina Latina, through its Facebook page.

More information:

It is aimed at teachers, film club members and cultural promoters and will include the special participation of teachers Marialva Monteiro -Cineduc (Brazil); Cecilia Novoa -Cine Club Awana (Quito, Ecuador); Simone Monteiro de Araujo -Cineclube nas Escolas do Rio de Janeiro; Graça Lobo Programa Juventude Cinema Escola (Algarve-Portugal), who will participate in round tables and keynote lectures, in which they will present outstanding projects, best practices and methodologies that have borne fruit at various levels of education. Also participating will be digital platforms such as Helena Fernández from Las Espigadoras – Aula Film from Spain, Altaira Rojas from La Luciérgana Cine Club (Loja, Ecuador) and Manuel Ruiz from Cinescuela from Colombia; Piedad Zurita from Wawas al Cine (Riobamba, Ecuador), Clementino Jr. from Cineclube Atlântico Negro (Rio de Janeiro) Ander Gisasola from Kresala Zinekluba (Basque Country); María Elena Benites from Grupo Chaski/Red de microcines (Peru) Lázaro Alderete and Ramón Cabrera from the Federación Nacional de Cineclubes de Cuba; Juan Camilo Rodríguez from Cineclub La Caja Negra de Colombia and Julio Lamaña from the Federación Catalana de Cineclubes.

Guests from children’s film festivals will also take part, Luiza Lins from the Florianópolis Children’s Film Festival (Brazil) Geraldine Ovando from the Kolibrí Festival (Bolivia) Edwin Paliz and Freddy Sarzoza from the Chulpicine Festival (Ecuador) Pedro Sena Nunes from the Plano Frontal Film Residency Festival MDOC (Portugal) Paola González Dávila from Ícaro Espacio (Mexico) António Costa Valente from the Avanca Festival and Elsa Cerqueira from Cineclube Amarante (Portugal).

Rogério Borges A Escola vai ao Cinema from Cine Metrópolis of the Federal University of Espírito Santo and Marcos Valério Guimarães with educational workshops in secondary education (Brazil); Felipe Rodríguez from Escuela al Cine -Cineteca Nacional de Chile; Erasmo Cervantes and César Vázquez from the Red de Cineclubes del IEMS Mexico City, with film debate projects with students and families, film and philosophy dialogue communities and collaborations such as Ariel Award nominees and finally Lucía Gajá from the Film and Education group of the Mexican Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences of Mexico (AMACC) will comment on curricula to link students from CONALEP technical schools with the film industry.

“NEW EYES”, Iberoamerican Showcase

During the 8th EIAC, two short films by Ecuadorian director Segundo Fuérez will be shown free of charge from anywhere in the world: “Yaku Wiki: Tears of Water” (Animation) and “Kuychi Pucha” (fiction), both representative works of Quechua indigenous cinematography.

The exhibition will also include the participation of the short film “El Capulí” by director Carlos Sosa from Ecuador and two short films by Ícaro Espacio, a Mexican project for the promotion, dissemination, encouragement and training of animated short films: “Collage” and “Huitlacohe”.

Finally, thanks to an alliance with the public platform Retina Latina, there will also be the opportunity to see, from Latin America, six animated children’s films (five short films and one feature film) from Uruguay, Ecuador, Mexico, Bolivia and Peru: “Canicas de cuento”, “Anina”, “El armadillo fronterizo”, “El regreso del vampiro”, “La abuela grillo” and “Un zorro se enamora de la luna”.

In our countries, film clubs have contributed to audiovisual literacy and the diversity of views, through screenings, research, teaching, publication and above all through dialogues with audiences. It has also contributed to the production of short films in which students from different generations have taken part. The contingency caused by Covid 19 has led us to take distancing measures around the world. However, this does not prevent us from carrying out our agendas remotely. This year we will hold an Ibero-American meeting to update and disseminate vigorous projects that in the last five years have been consolidating in the field of film and education.

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