Informative plattform of International Federation of Film Societies- Féderation Internationalle des Ciné-clubs- Federación Internacional de Cine Clubes

April 14th, 2021 – National Day of Film Societies (Portugal)

In good time, the Board of FPCC – Portuguese Federation of Film Societies proposed the celebration of the National Day of the Cineclub, held for the first time in 2019. It was proposed to the IFFS – International Federation of Film Societies for its international establishment, where it will be the object of appreciation.

The first Film Society was founded 114 years ago, today. Thirty eight years less a day later, the first Portuguese film club was founded in the city of Oporto: the Cineclube of Porto. Stories of resistance and struggle, culture and cinema intersect.

The foundation of the first Film Society (Paris, 1907) by Edmond Benoit-Lévy opened the first chapter of the Film Societies’ Movement, a fundamental step in the culture of the 20th century. The movement starts to gain expression first in Europe and then in Latin America, in the following decades. The creation of the IFFS – International federation of Film Societies during the Cannes Film Festival (October, 1947) enabled international articulation and cooperation, the sharing of experiences, the circulation of films and the recognition among peers of the work developed in each nation.

Film Societies are popular collectives, close to the public, involved with the public. Ensuring cultural diversity and the formation and dissemination of cinematographic culture are fundamental points. Film Societies are a democratic space participated and framed in their community, capable of activating involvement and complicity, sharing and learning, valuing Cinema and People.

Cineclub Day may seem like a mere commemorative event, more than that, it should be a time to reflect on the importance of Cineclubes, their role in the community in which they operate and their differentiation from other cinema exhibitors, although non-commercial ones.

Nowadays and in the troubled times that we live, we face the forced individualization and limitation of our cultural and social life. The pandemic situation is a challenge to the maintenance of our film society’s community and, it is important to reflect, to define our role after the pandemic. Its importance in returning to the theatres, in collective health and in an activity that consists, fundamentally, of bringing people together to watch, enjoy and discuss cinema.

The Chart of Tabor, proclaimed by Film Societies from around the world in 1987, defines the Rights of the Public, rights that are fought for and that are intended to be established as the basis for Film Societies activities in a universal way, according to the local needs and possibilities. Allow the public the right to choose and access the diversity of cinematographic production, the right to educate, to be free and to be independent.

!We are the Public!

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