Informative plattform of International Federation of Film Societies- Féderation Internationalle des Ciné-clubs- Federación Internacional de Cine Clubes

Call for nominations for the FICC-jury at the 2020 edition of L`Alternativa Film Festival

Dear friends,

Please find below the call for nominations for the FICC-jury at the 2020 edition of L`Alternativa Film Festival. Due to Covid-19, the jury will be online, but with full access to the festivals online events.

Festival dates: November 16–29th, 2020

Deadline for nominations: October 19th, 2020.

Web site:

– The jury will consist of three people, one from Catalonia and two from other countries.

– Jury members must see 10 different films online.

– Around the 12th of November all the relevant information for watching the films will be available.

– The 16th of november members will start to watch the features.

– The 25th of November the jury must have decided the winner.

The contact emails for any question regarding the awards are:



For your nomination, please use the attached form which must be filled in completely and send back by your national federation as soon as possible. We only accept nomination forms handed in by federations. No forms sent by individual film society members will be accepted.

Please consider the following points if you wish to hand in a nomination:

–          The nominated person must attend the jury for the whole duration of the festival. The nominating federation is responsible to find a replacing person in case that the originally nominated person cancels.

–          Only federations which have paid their membership fees are entitled to nominate jury members.

–          In each jury one invitation is reserved for the delegate from the corresponding national federation(s). Therefore the federation(s) in the country in which the festival takes place must nominate a jury member in due time.

–          For your nominations, please use the enclosed form and return to the jury administrator.



Please return the form completely filled in to:

Nomination for FICC Jury at festival (name of the festival):

We nominate the following person:

Full Name:

First name:


Film Society represented:


Town incl. post code:





E-mail (of the person nominated):

Remarks (e.g. special fields of interest):

Nomination handed in by (name of the federation):

E-Mail of the federation:


Please note:

Only fully paid up member federations are entitled to nominate jury members.

– The nomination has to be confirmed by FICC/IFFS to become effective.

– FICC/IFFS will consider this nomination as finally agreed by the person concerned. The nominee is requested to accept the invitation and to attend the festival during the whole time of the event. If by any reason the person is prevented from attending the festival he or she has to inform FICC/IFFS and the festival immediately and to provide a replacing person.

Best regards,

Atle Hunnes Isaksen

Jury Coordinator, FICC/IFFS |

Tlf +4722474683 | Mobil +4791814946


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