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Don Quixote Award at the 60th Krakow Film Festival

The International Federation of Film Societies (FICC) Jury consisting of: Mira Bernardes-Rusin (Poland), Terry Cloke (Great Britain), Chris Hormann (New Zealand):
Has decided to grant the Don Quixote Award to the film Innocence (dir. Ben Reid, United Kingdom 2020, 20’, fict.).
This was a unanimous decision by the jury for a film that stood out amongst an impressively strong selection of films. The film is on the surface a tense crime film but it uses this as a starting point to explore an often ignored section of society and in cinema, those who are born with Down syndrome. The jury commented on the lead actor Tommy Jessop, who has Down syndrome, with his presence and central performance rising above the traditional cliché to be the proactive force that propels the film forward, not as a victim but as a fully formed and rounded character. We wish to commend the filmmakers for their resolve in bringing a marginalised group of people to the fore, displaying a decidedly humanistic outlook which is very much in keeping with the spirit of this award.
And the Special Mention to the film: I Need the Handshakes (Andrei Kutsila, Poland 2020, 19’, doc.).
This film also stood out for the jury in showing the central relationship of a mother (Valiantsina) and daughter (Taссiana) living in extraordinary and trying circumstances. Taссiana has been paralysed since birth but has been cared for all her life by Valiantsina, now in her 90’s. It’s a startling expression of unconditional love and devotion by a mother for her child despite a life of sacrifice. The beautiful cinematography of the filmmaker brings the story to life, as does Taссiana’s moving poetry which she has created despite her physical disability.
More information coming soon…

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