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Report of a member from the FICC jury at TIFF 2020

I was a member of the FICC  jury during the Tromso International Film Festiwal in January 2020. For the first time I had a chance  to participate in a film festiwal as a juror. Everything was perfect- various places for screenings (including the oldest cinema in Norway which was built in 1915 and outdoor cinema), diverse  and wide

program, very nice and superefficient volunteers as well as great local audiencje. I spent a wonderful week in a beautiful place where I took part in many interesting activities like watching amazing films and meeting fascinating people not only from Norway but from all over the world. They were all interested in many aspects of films.

As a member of FICC jury I had several duties. With two other members from Germany and Norway I had to choose one film out of twelve ambitious ones  showing a great value for film societies  and non-profit oriented cinemas.  But I had also a possibility to watch films not only from the Competition Program. I saw movies from sections: Activism now! Horizons, Overdrive, Films from the North. I wish I had seen all the festiwal films as I belive each of them could be shown in film clubs.

The level of competition was high, movies both documentaries and feature films  were from nearly all continents. We decided to award the Romanian film Collective. But we debated on Lillian, Atlantis, The audition, Moffie and One day in the life of Noah Piugattuk. It turned out that other juries esteemed some of theese films.

For me it was an opportunity to see  the high quality moovies concering very important matters like the point of view of indigenous people, the fight against injustice, exploitation and rasizm, fears and transitions of

our World. The presented topics can be discussed in film clubs as well. Unfortunately most of theese films  are in

accessible in Polish cinemas.

Apart the competition films I value magnificent documentaries : The Australian dream, Gaza fights for freedom, What she said: the art of Pauline Kael, Made in Bangladesh; great feature films: Baloon, Kuessipan, Lunana: a yak in the classroom.

I want to thank organisers  and FICC for inviting me for this splendid festiwal. I appreciate the hospitality and I hope that I will come to Tromso again.

Elżbieta Piotrowicz

Film Society KaFe In-nI, city Ruda Śląska, Poland


Our statement about awarded film

Following the investigations about the horrible fire in the Colectiv Club in Bucharest which caused the death of 27 people and left many more injured for life the documentarist Alexander Nanau unfolds much deeper rooting problems. He shows an almost unbelievable instinct to be at the right place at the right time and has the talent to find sources that trust him and his search for truth and justice.

The film demonstrates how the greed of a few ruthless in power shape our world to their benefit and by doing so are literally risking the life of anyone else – it happens not only in Romania but anywhere. It  also shows that this does not have to be accepted.

This is to the brave men and women who stand up against corruption and cupidity and do not fear to say aloud what is wrong and have the courage to fight for a better world.


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