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Report FICC Jury: Etiuda & Anima festival, 2019

This November I was so lucky as to visit Krakow, and be a part of the FICC Jury at the Etiuda & Anima festival. The festival consists of two main contests, where Anima is a contest of animation shorts, and the Etiuda contest is for live-action student shorts. With me in the jury was Sylwia Hamerska from Poland and Madhurima Barua Sen from India, and our task was to award the Don Quijote prize to a remarkable film in the Etuida competition.


The week in Krakow was a memorable one, filled with screening of interesting student films and with a lot of welcoming and kind people. The festival crew did a great job hosting. We were met with helpful volunteers from the moment we arrived, and the information flow was pleasant, with email-updates and good face to face communication with the crew. It was clear they wanted us to have a good time, as they took loads of initiative and made plans for us to join tours and experiences in Krakow. When it comes to the practical part of the festival and the screening, it all went along smoothly. I experienced a suitable scheduling and duration of the screenings, which consisted of approximately five films each, the competition consisting of 29 in total.

In addition to the screenings in our competition we were free to attend the Anima screenings, feature-film screenings and other interesting talks and happenings. As all of the screenings were located in one venue with two screening rooms, it was easy to get to whatever was happening. Overall I was very much pleasantly surprised by the student films, a lot of which had a production value that way exceeded my expectations. The films were from films schools located all over the world, and represented so many different styles, people and values. It was truly inspiring to be introduced to all these young filmmakers with fresh voices and stories to tell. Several of these filmmakers attended the festival for themselves, and were both fun and easy to get in contact with. Together with other people in the film business, representing film clubs, production companies, festivals, journalists and more, they were a source of valuable conversations about film and opportunities in the field.


The film we awarded was the Hungarian film The Siege (István Kovács,2018) about the sacrifices women had to make during the times of war. All three of us found this film remarkable, both in the storytelling, acting and the aesthetics. It actually won all three prizes awarded in the Etiuda competition. We also gave an honorable mention to the film “Till the end of the world” from Netherlands. A deeply moving story about the strength of a child fighting for the unconditional love of her troubled father.


The whole experience was a valuable one personally and also filmclub-wise. I returned home with a greater understanding of the international state of student films and realize our opportunity to involve those kinds of films in our own screenings. Also a brought with me a heightened appreciation of short films. With a screening of a handful of well picked short films from different corners of the world, we can bring the world to Studentersamfundet Filmklubb (our local film society). Those kinds of films I believe can be a great source of inspiration for people to tell their own stories, as one can see great stories presented on screen in such a short time. This festival turned out to be both a great new experience, and a good source of inspiration as the film society reaches out to the rest of the world.

Nora Kruse

Studentersamfundet Filmklubb

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