Informative plattform of International Federation of Film Societies- Féderation Internationalle des Ciné-clubs- Federación Internacional de Cine Clubes

FICC Jury Report: Don Quixote Prize at the 40th International Festival of New Latin American Cinema of Havana, 2018


Diogo Gomes dos Santos (Brazil), Marcela Aguilar (Colombia), 

and Lázaro Alderete (Cuba).

General considerations

As the date promised, the 40th edition of the International Festival of New Latin American Cinema in Havana, Cuba, surpassed the expectations of its passionate admirers, who resorted en masse to accompany the intense schedule of events filled with cinematographic exhibitions (20 feature films, 22 short films and half-length films, 18 Primal operas, 25 documentaries, 26 cartoons, 19 unpublished and 24 posters), lectures, meetings, debates, exhibitions, retrospectives and tributes to a crazed public, wanting to see and participate of everything. An magnificent event, worthy of its audience and the Latin American cinema, from December 6th to 16th, 2018.

The importance of the Festival of New Latin American Cinema is indisputable, not only for the development of the Latin American cinematographic industry, but also for the international scene, as was once again confirmed, not only by the honors that the Festival received in its edition number 40, but by the participation of personalities of the world of cinema, films and spontaneous presentations, I believe to be essential for the continent’s film culture, the delivery of the Prize Don Quixote, in this festival.


About the Organization

Planning, organization and sympathy make this festival a special event. Highlights are the huge projection rooms, all with a capacity of over 1,000 spectators and a cinema-hungry audience. It crowns their success with attention to the guests and due to the nature of the activity that jurors play in any festival, the conditions of them are made available to carry out their works according to the set of the pre-established planning. Both in terms of advice and follow-up to jurors, transfers, lodging and food


The juries

For me it was an honor to be part of this body of judges representing the FICC at the 40th edition of the International Festival of New Latin American Cinema in La Habana, alongside Marcela Aguilar (Colombia), a sensitive, astute and stern lover of the film on screen and Lázaro Alderete (Cuba), meticulous, sensitive, with keen critical sense. I learned a lot from both of them, solidary fellow film directors.


From the Work of the Jury

The 20 films in competition for the Don Quixote prize were all programmed at Cine Chaplin, which also houses the headquarters of the Cinemateca de Cuba and the Instituto Cubano de Artes y Indústria Cinematográficas – ICAIC – and in the other 17 cinemas in the city, in a total of 20 rooms, as well as other alternative spaces. Watching the films together with the audience was an opportunity to experience the audience’s dialogue with the film: An unforgettable experience!

From the meeting and the decision of the jury:

After having seen the contestants, each jury made a general appreciation about the films seen and presented a list, in the order of their preference, with the film JOEL by Carlos Sorin being the highlight of the jurors to receive the Don Quixote prize.


After some considerations on the films in competition, the jury decided to grant an “Honorable Mention” to the film La Noche de 12 años.


The Don Quixote award ceremony took place in conjunction with the 18 “Collateral” prizes awarded by the Festival in its organization, according to each organization. It was a much attended ceremony and led by the festival’s press chief, allowing only the winners the use of brief words. The justification of each jury for its prize, at its discretion, was read by the ceremonialist, which led to omit one or other reading, including that of Don Quixote. The award “Don Quixote” and the “Honorable Mention”, in addition to the FICC Letterhead Diploma and signed by jurors, were added a painting by the plastic artist Olympia Ortiz, under the auspices of the Cuban Federation of Cineclubes.

Diogo Gomes dos Santos, January 2019

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