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FICC Jury Galway Film Fleadh / Award Decision 2018

The International Federation of Film Societies Jury has awarded the Don Quijote Prize at the Galway Film Fleadh 2018 in the category of Animation in a Short Film to :



Director: James W. Griffiths, UK, 2018, short film

Producer: Fodhla Cronin O’Reilly



A tiny sphere falls to Earth from space, then searches for signs of her own kind. When confronted with the rejection of her existence, she uses her ingenuity to get to a friendly face in the night sky, where she encounters challenges she could never have imagined.


The jury also gave a special mention to:

The Wiremen

Director: Jessica Patterson, UK, 2018, short film

Producer: Dave Minogue


When electricity is first brought to rural Ireland, a six-year-old girl believes an actual faerie has entered her home with ‘the Light’. Her attempts at capturing it unwittingly cause a blackout and ultimately summons the sinister, ghoulish creatures who haunt the surrounding countryside.


FICC Jury Statement

The FICC jury awarded the Don Quijote prize to Yunshí for its ability to use a minimalistic style to convey a universal message in a highly original way. The film succeeds in making the audience identify with the non-human character through a distinctive and effective visual language. Special mention was also awarded to The Wiremen for its heartwarming story set against a backdrop of historical significance.


The FICC jury was made up of Mr. Sebastiano Caroni (Switzerland), Ms. Karoline Hovsengen (Norway) and Mr. Thomas Zechner (Ireland).



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