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Don Quixote Award at 58 Krakow film festival, 2018

detainmentDear Friends and Colleagues,
the International Federation of Film Societies (FICC/IFFS) Jury consisting of: Anna Balkiewicz (Poland), Dag Arne Nilssen (Norway), Tapesh Sharma (India) has decided to grant the Don Quixote Award to the film Detainment directed by Vincent Lambre (Ireland). A well-known crime story we have read about for 25 years. The brutal murder of a baby boy affects us all, and this film was emotionally stressing to watch. Based on the original tapes from the police questioning, and without showing any graphic details, the horror of the crime hits you like a sledgehammer. The audience is like a fly on the wall when the truth is revealed. Despite the awful crime, we feel the director has managed to bring humanity into the portrait of the young killers, which were brilliantly played by Ely Solan and Leon Hughes. It is a heartbreaking story and it has changed the life of so many people in a very sad way.

baron_boots-350x233The Special Mention to the film:Joe Boots directed by Florian Baron (Germany, USA). The narrative is plain and simple, but it went straight to our hearts. It’s just one guy telling his story, but it is the story of every soldier coming home from war. He is changed but nobody can see it and most of us don’t care. The film is a tribute to every veteran.

Don Quixote Award
Detainment | Vincent Lambre | fiction, 2018, Ireland | 30 min.

The Special Mention
Joe Boots  | Florian Baron  | documentary, 2017, Germany, USA | 30 min.

Anna Balkiewicz

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