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I have been in the jury of the Caminhos Film Festival (Coimbra Portugal) before, and have still the impression of a festival with sympathetic people easy to work with. Their laid-back lifestyle is enviable, although a certain delay is, once in a while, the result. The snail they use on the festival program is a joke they bravely play on themselves. The output of the festival, according to the part we  had to judge, was a bit uneven.

The best film was, without doubt, São Jorge/Saint George (Marco Martins, Portugal-France, 2016). Our jury were unanimously confident with our decision when we gave this film the Don Quixote Prize. São Jorge shows a Portuguese social problem that seems to affect countries all over Europe: The rich gets richer while the poor gets poorer. The film depicts a destitute, second-rate, unemployed boxer who tries to hold his family together even if he is fighting against heavy odds. Since his fighting doesn’t pay, he tries his luck as a debt collector witch takes him to the wrong side of the law. More of the plot should not be revealed. But it should be added, that the main character’s acting ability. The quality of the film and the current interest of the story  makes São Jorge no doubt suitable film for international film clubs.

Watch the trailer:


Worth mentioning is also that this festival – outside our jury’s jurisdiction – showed that Portugal have talented animation films. Final Call (Sara Barbas, Portugal 2016) is a funny and charming  love story about a cat, Catarina, and a dog, Dioago, who meets again after an earlier love story and tries to clear up earlier misunderstanding at an airports, all the time interrupted by the security staff at the airport. No doubt an animation-story ready for the international film market.

Watch the trailer:


Odd Vaagland, Norway


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