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It was the first time a FICC/IFFS-Jury participated at this festival.

Members of our jury

Nina Silanová

Deputy chairwoman of the Slovak Film Society Association Council

Dragan Milinkovic

Former Executive director of the Serbian Film Centre and president of the Serbian Association of Film Societies

Our eloquent speaker at the closing ceremony

Christl Grunwald-Merz

member of the managing team of the Bavarian branch of BJF Bundesverband Jugend und Film Germany, writer of this report.


Our selection

We had to give the Don Quijote to one out of 20 short films from countries in “the middle of Europe”: the 4 “Visegrad States” – Czech Republic (6 films), Hungary (3), Poland (4) and Slovakia (4) – and the neighbour country Austria (3). The documentaries (6), animations (4), fiction (8) and experimental (2) films were online at our disposal, so we could make our individual (pre)decision before we met on the 6th of March. We decided upon our “favourites” and discussed the necessity to give special mentions. Our price went to


Debiut (Debut) by Katja Kijek

Poland 2016, animation, 7 minutes

Our verdict:

We are given a short but very eloquent insight into the creative process of filmmaking. A middle-aged man is supposed to write the script for a fiction film. He is in despair and under pressure. Sitting in front of his computer, he develops two versions which he rejects immediately afterwards. He gets drawn into his own fiction and reaches desperately for the “DELETE” – button. Although the action in the story becomes wild – the animation sticks to calming colours, a beautiful scenery and scenes with ancient battles.

Remark on our decision to give two special mentions

While this film is a contribution to one of the most important aims of film societies – media education – with self-ironic exaggeration, our two special mentions went to productions which were concerned with unsolved current themes world-wide: the menacing scóurge of cancer and the massive flight of people from their countries.

Fuck the Cancer by Thomas Renoldner

Austria 2016, documentary, 12 minutes

Our verdict:

A very touching series of “selfies” taken by a cancer Patient during the years of his treatment. He keeps saying “Fuck the Cancer” while his face, articulation, aura and energy to fight for survival change as he undergoes treatment. The hope in his voice might be a message to all of us : never give up!



Dialóg (Dialogue) by Gábor Fabricius

Hungary 2016, 7 minutes

Our verdict:

Dialogue – gives us the reason to think about the parallel between the past and the present and reminds us that history is repeating itself in a wrong way.

So we considered all categories (except the experimentals) and three of five participating countries. (Trailer)


Extra participation

We took part in the interesting program of the festival and discussed on a panel the different historic and organisational developments of our film societies – while we all have the same problems and the same aims!

Christl Grunwald-Merz

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