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IMG_20160710_203227In spite of low temperatures for the summer, the atmosphere in July in Galway is hot, especially from 5 to 10 of July 2016, when was the 28 Galway Film Fleadh. I was one of FICC jury member.  Years of experience allow to organise this excellent film festival. Everything satisfies me. The host was very helpful, the inhabitants friendly. There were a lot of film projections, special events, meetingswith film makers and actors, discussions. We could know and chat with Jim Sheridan last day. The Town Hall Theatre, where the fleadh took place, had few screening rooms, that is why there is a chance to see diverse movies from all over the world, documentaries, feature movies, animations, often premieres.


IMG_20160710_190153FICC jury members, Michael Ryan from Ireland, Joaquim Roque Parret from Spain and me, Sylwia Hamerska from Poland had pleassure to give Don Quijote award for short animation film. We watched a set of fifteen short animations last day, on Sunday. We had some time after to discuss  about films and to decide who get the award. Every animation was different, variety of technics and plot and only one Don Quijote Award. We also decided to give Special Mention.

Don Quijote Award went to director Vincent Gallagher for Second To None, a black comedy about the world’s second oldest man, about an imagination of old people, about creativity and competition in every age with unexpected ending and consequences. The same movie got The Best First Short Animation Award, and believe me we did not meet other jury members before. Additionally, director Sean Cunninghham was awarded Special Mention for Define Intervention, the story of a man who comes face to face with God, introduces the subject of faith in the funny and surreal way.

IMG_20160711_110447Because there was a possibility to watch movies for all day, I went to the Town Hall Theatre (five minutes by walk from my hotel) just after my breakfast and sat in the soft and comfortable cinema chair. Because I was in Ireland I decided to watch Irish Cinema choosing Irish shorts, features, documentaries and animations. Besides, I think it is not easy to produce an interesting story and pack it in five or twenty minutes film. That is why I have a huge respect for such creators. I love watching short films because I can watch them more and more, know a lot of poeple’s stories. It is like in a kaleidoscope. I was surprised many times as a spectator. I found that even a grey world we are living in it is not only black and white, there are many colours, we just have to add a bit of sense of humor to our lifes.


IMG_20160711_101421Galway Film Fleadh is the festival I’d like to visit every year because of its variety. I loved the city with its inhabitants and its lovely buildings with the river Corrib flowing through. Now I regret I visited Galway only for the weekend, next time I will fix it and take advantage of all attractions of this festival.


Sylwia Hamerska

Polish Federation of Film Societies

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