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NORWAY: TIFF 2016 – FICC jury

I had the honour of being a part of the FICC jury at Tromsø International Film Festival, along with Vimal Mehta from India, who is honorary secretary for Citizens film forum (CFF) and Forum of Indian Photographers and Artists (FIPA), and Maeve Cooke, director of Access Cinema in Ireland. The competition program for the week was an interesting mix of varying perspectives and starting points. The animated movie Anomalisa with its self-centred main character contemplating his life, contrasted nicely to Crumbs, an experimental Etiopian post-apocalyptic sci-fi piece that started off very promising, but unfortunately didn’t manage to hold our interest through to the end. Malin Levanon as leading actress in Tjuvheder definitely manages to deliver a convincing portrayal of life in the outskirts of society. Ultimately, we chose between Anomalisa, Son of Saul and La academia de las musas directed by José Luis Guerin, where the latter ultimately were chosen as the winner.

Our statement following: The jury recognises a film of both aesthetic and intellectual quality that it found to be genuinely unique and original. A perceptive, emotional and often very funny work that explores but also blurs the lines between fact and fiction, art and life, truth and hypothesis, this is a film that is thought-provoking, playful, seductive and in every way surprising.

Maja Bergman

Vice Chairman, Tromsø Filmklubb, 10.04.2016

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