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IFFS jury’s decision at the XXIst Caminhos Film Festival, Coimbra 2015

catalogo-2015-web-CaminhosOn the Fourth of December 2015 the jury met to decide the Don Quixote Award. The Jury was constituted by the following members: Massimo Bernardoni, Margarida Mateus and Odd Vaagland. This is the decision made unanimously: The Quixote Award was given to the short film “The Robbery”(“O Assalto”). The film starts with a thief sneaking into a country house looking for valuables. He picks up a knife and we are expecting a horror movie. The story, however, makes us think better of it.

The thief finds a very sick old man in bed and starts to take care of him. No doubt it is a new twist on an old theme. A story of humanity and the complexity of human being. It is not only black or white. The open ending of the story gives the film a new and humorous twist. No doubt ”The Robbery” is made by a very talented film director who also is producer and have written the screenplay.



The jury gave Special mention to the film ”João Bénard da Costa – Others will love the Things that I’ve loved”. (“João Bénard da Costa – Outros Amarao As Coisas Que Eu Amei.” This film is not only the biography of a singular man, but is also like a panoramic shot of the passing of time throughout the various artistic references. The cinematic way of telling the story is also quite original.




(Original title: Portuguese/ English. Director: João Tempera, Country: Portugal, Year of production: 2015, Length: 15 minutes.


João Bénard Da Costa – Outros Amarao As Coisas Que Eu Amei. (Documentary)

(Original and English title above, Director: Manuel Mozos, Country: Portugal, Year of production: 2014, Length: 1 hour 15 minutes.


Odd Vaagland

(, Mob : 45500644)

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