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maxresdefaultDear IFFS member,

The alternative distribution platform CINESUD and the “1000 Cineclubs Project” by Laurence Produções are glad to present the Brazilian documentary “A Journey for Mário”. It’s a movie about friendship and overcoming death. A thought about journeys and life cycles through an affectionate trip to the desert that started in Recife, Brazil, goes through Bolivia, to the final destination, the Atacama desert, Chile.
The documentary première will be in novembre/2014 and there is also the intention to take the movie to cineclubs around Brazil and country that the mother tonge are portuguese, spanish or english – according to the movie subtitles. For this distribution of “A Journey for Mário” outside Brazil there is the support from the International Federation of Cineclubs that will include the documentary on CINESUD catalog. The distribution will be totally free of right of exhibition.
We like to invite the IFFS members to watch “A Journey for Mário” and if it is interesting we may formalize with a letter of interest – including also the numbers of cineclubs in association with the Federation at issue.
The documentary “A Journey for Mário” are available by download or on DVD, in case that the institution can not download the movie.

To watch on vimeo in preview send a mail to

All info in the three languages here

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