Informative plattform of International Federation of Film Societies- Féderation Internationalle des Ciné-clubs- Federación Internacional de Cine Clubes

Nomination of the FICC Jury at Jameson Cinesfest 11th Miskolc Internation Film Festival, 2014

jameson filmfest 2014Dear Friends and Colleagues,

I have the pleasure to annouce you the nomination of the FICC Jury at

Jameson Cinesfest 11th Miskolc Internation Film Festival

12-21 of September 2014 (Miskolc, Hungary)

1. Gabor Ulrich – Hungary

2. Konrad Domaszewski – Poland

3. Arunie Narayaan Basu Roy – India


Please read the FICC Jury Rules bellow.

Jameson CineFest Miskolc International Film Festival

H-3530 Miskolc, Széchenyi utca 48.


Phone/fax: +36 (46) 412-228



Coordination of the Jury:

Eszter Szilagyi


Best Regards and have a Great Festival

João Paulo Macedo
Jury Administrator of International Federation of Film Societies


Dear colleague,

Welcome as a member of a FICC Jury! Please consider the following points for your jury work:

  •         The jury gives the DON QUIJOTE Prize to one film in competition (no ex-aequo!). The prize consists of the diploma and a Plaque
  •         The jury may give a SPECIAL MENTION to a remarkable film in competition. The prize consists of a diploma only. The jury can give two Special Mentions only in case of a competition with a lot of entries of very high quality.
  •         Films which have already been awarded by other FICC Juries cannot be considered by the jury of which you are a member! Please carefully check the list of awarded films on FICC web site:
  •         The members of the jury prepare a statement for the award ceremony which gives the reasons for awarding the films. At the prize winning ceremony of the festival, the president of the jury gives a summary of the aims of the Don Quijote
  •         Immediately at the end of the festival, the jury must inform FICC about the films awarded. The information (original title, English/French title, director, country, year of production, length, address of producer or world sales) must be sent to Jon Iversen (Norway) and, andGabriel Rodríguez
  •         Each member of the jury has to write an report about the festival and send some pictures. This article reflects the personal view of the jury member and should give a statement about the value of the festival for film societies and/or non-profit oriented cinemas.
  •         The same report has to be sent to FICC (in an English or French version) which will publish each report in the FICC Newsletter and on FICC’s homepage. Please send your report in English or French not later than three weeks after the festival by e-mail to Jon Iversen andGabriel Rodríguez
  •         The president of the jury must contact the director or the representative of the films awarded in order to receive a DVD or VHS cassette of the films for FICC’s archive. If possible get the copy at the Festival. Please send the video cassette to the address below. All films awarded by FICC Juries are listed in the catalogue of FICC’s Film Distribution Network. The cassette is needed to promote the film among FICC’s member  federations.
  •         The jury member from the country in which the festival takes place acts as jury secretary and must send the following material to FICC for its archive:
  •         catalogue of the festival
  •         justification of the jury for the Don Quijote prize and the Special Mention(s)

o       a photocopy of the completed diplomas (Don Quijote and Special Mention)

o       If possible a preview copy of the film on DVD

o       As mailing address of FICC please use the address mentioned below.

Thank you very much and have a pleasant festival!

João Paulo Macedo

IFFS – International Federation of Film Societies
(Secretariat & Jury Administrator)

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