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54th Krakow Film Festival: Report of FICC Jury


54th Krakow Film Festival

Report of FICC Jury about DON QUIJOTE Prize to Film Wieczne swiatto (Lux Aeterna).

Language French/English subtitles.

Name of the Director Carlos Tribino Mamby.

Country Colombia.

Year of production 2013.

Length 16’

FICC Jury awarded to DON QUIJOTE Prize to Lux Aeterna after delebrations lasted nearly 5 hours. Different films were considered for this prize by each jury as per personal opinion. Contradictory views were expressed about different films. Most of the time only two juries expressed common views about one film. Not a single time all the three juries agreed for a single title. Even the idea of giving prize to a movie by 2 to 1 verdict. Most of the time discussion could not yield common view this is because everyone has a right to his point of view. In the end common idea emerged in favour of Lux Aeterna.

This film was described as a powerful film based on a true story about an old couple. Lux Aeterna left a powerful impact on the mind of all the juries.

The story is about an old couple in advanced age group living in a isolated area on the mountains. Nobody else lived around. Their only son left them on their own fate and disappeared.

Old couple were always struggling with old age sickness, hardly anything was available to eat and ultimately waiting for death to come. The lady started collecting wood from the forest as it will be needed for funeral in case of death which was expected any time. They came when women died and husband used the wood for funeral of the wife after rolling her dead body on the ground which was a few feet down the bed on one side. Ultimately the man was waiting for his turn to die not knowing as when and who will perform his last rites.

It was good work of the director, photographer, editor and everybody concerned with film making.

Because of long delevrations when went on for a long time there was no seriousness for considering any other film for giving second/third consolation prize to any other film.

As regards Krakow film festival I would call it a very well organized film festival which is going on for last 54 years. Excellent arrangements were made for organizing this film festival. All the ceremony were perfect. All the staff members including chairman, director, programme director were highly committed and friendly. Hospitality part was take in care off excellently.

In the end festival is a good encouragement for young people to start with cinema making and other related activity and a good platform for film societies and non-profit cinemas.


Dated- 2 July 2014

Tapesh Sharma

Mobile – +919888546490

The FICC Jury was consisted of: Jan Jankowiak  – Chairman (Poland), Tea Gabidzashvili (Georgia), Tapesh Sharma (India).

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