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FIKE – Evora, Portugal – 22 to 26 October 2013/ Report by David Miller

ROOM 666After the major disappointment of witnessing the withdrawal of funding at the last moment for the 2012 Festival it was a joyous experience to be selected for the 2013 FICC jury. The location of Evora is very special and when you add in the superb hospitality it makes this an exceptional film festival. The motto of the festival is Life Is Short, but during the festival life is very enjoyable indeed! The selection of films to watch, and judge, are many and varied. The really wonderful thing about being on a jury is the diverse opinions of the other judges, other juries and the audience. In the case of FIKE 2013 the members of the FICC jury reached agreement after some debate and selected the very first short seen at the festival – Room 606. This highly original and inventive film was a pleasure to watch and would reward more than one viewing. It was a well-deserved winner of the Don Quixote. Special mention was given to animated short called ‘Who Lasts Longer’, a beautifully drawn bittersweet tale. The organisation behind the festival is also excellent. Anyone considering applying for the 2014 jury should make sure that they do as FIKE is a wonderful experience and very well worth attending.

David Miller, UK, FICC Jury member for FIKE 2013.


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