Informative plattform of International Federation of Film Societies- Féderation Internationalle des Ciné-clubs- Federación Internacional de Cine Clubes

FICC Jury Galway Film Fleadh / Award Decision 2013

coda-alan hollyThe International Federation of Film Societies Jury has awarded the Don Quijote Prize at the Galway Film Fleadh 2013 in the category of Irish Short Animation Film to :

Director: Alan Holly
Producer: Ciaran Deeney
The jury also gave a special mention to:
Two Wheels Good
 Director / Producer : Barry Gene Murphy
FICC Jury Statement
The FICC jury awarded the Don Quijote prize to Coda, a profound film that explores the after-life to moving effect using innovative animation and philosophical imagery.
 Special mention was also awarded to Two Wheels Good for its inventive combination of live action and animation.
The FICC jury was made up of Mr. Joaquim Roqué Paret  (Catalonia), Mr. Stefan Hunziker (Norway) and Mr. David O’Mahony (Ireland).

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